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Easy and convenient, all you need is a TWISTAILS Shaker, Pod, Ice and Water. Make a bar perfect cocktail in seconds.

Each cocktail pod is made with Bacardi rum and natural flavours, so you’re guaranteed to get a bar-perfect cocktail every time – like your favourite bar.
Simply add water, twist, shake and pour. Cheers!
Cocktail Pods are designed to work with a custom Twistails shaker, only available in the starter pack.


  • 2 50 ml BACARDÍ Mojito cocktail pods, 42.8% abv
  • 2 50 ml BACARDÍ Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail pods, 38.1% abv
  • 2 50 ml BACARDÍ Rum Punch cocktail pods, 43.7% abv
  • 1 TWISTAILS stainless steel shaker
  • 1 TWISTAILS strainer

As a finished cocktail, 120 ml approx.

  • BACARDÍ Mojito, 10.7% abv
  • BACARDÍ Strawberry Daiquiri, 9.5% abv
  • BACARDÍ Rum Punch, 10.9% abv

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No special skills, no expensive equipment, no mess: Twistails are cocktails made easy.
Our pods and packaging are 100% recyclable, so you can enjoy cocktails with a conscience.
Each pod is made using Bacardi rum and natural flavours, for a clean drinking experience.

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Rating: 5

What a fantastic product! Easy and delicious cocktails to make at home without the fuss and the mess. They are boozy not watery, which makes a big difference. Really enjoyed the starter kit would make the perfect gift or a night in kit! I’ve already ordered more strawberry daiquiri pods for the weekend.

Rating: 5

Bought the starter kit a few weeks ago and purchased these extra pods. It’s been nice to have a cocktail night with the Mrs on a weekend as we still can’t go out yet. These taste really nice just like in a bar, we add a bit of fruit to the rum punch one or some mint leaves to the mojito to make it look more like a cocktail. Can’t wait till the weather gets better so we can have a few in the garden!

Rating: 5

Very easy to make and nice cocktail selection in the pack. Would be fun to do with friends without having to buy loads of ingredients (just ice!) usually required to make cocktails. Will definitely be buying the refills!