Let dad show off his at-home bartending skills

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Our Story

Everyone loves a fresh cocktail, right? But unfortunately, not all of us are able to make the perfect one at home. That’s why we created Twistails. Forget about complex cocktail recipes, expensive equipment, ingredient shopping or even a messy clean up. Bacardi Cocktail Pods by Twistails offer bar-perfect cocktails in seconds.

Go on, give it a twist. The only difference between your Twistails cocktail and a cocktail in a bar is that you made it yourself...in seconds!

Bought these to make life easier than having to buy millions of different ingredients for cocktail nights. I'm really impressed by how authentic the taste is to bar cocktails.

James T.

How it works

All you need is ice, water and your best bartender shake

  • Easy to use

    Making the ultimate cocktail at home is easier than ever. No need recipes, fancy machinery, professional bartender skills or shopping either: everything you need is already in the pod.

  • Naturally delicious

    Each cocktail pod is made with Bacardi rum and natural flavours, so you’re guaranteed to get a bar-perfect cocktail every time. The finished cocktail is approximately 120 ml and ABV ranges between 9% to 11%.

  • Good for the planet

    All pods and packaging are 100% recyclable, so your cocktail won’t just taste good, it will feel good too.

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  • 2 BACARDÍ Mojito cocktail pods
  • 2 BACARDÍ Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail pods
  • 2 BACARDÍ Rum Punch cocktail pods
  • 1 TWISTAILS stainless steel shaker
  • 1 TWISTAILS strainer
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  • Refill tubes

    Each refill tube comes with 6 50ml pods ready for bar-perfect cocktails. What are you in the mood for today?

    Bacardi Mojito

    Bacardi Mojito

    Bacardi Rum Punch

    Bacardi Rum Punch

    Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri

    Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri

    Bar-perfect cocktails at home

    BACARDÍ Mojito

    All of the mint, none of the muddling. The go to drink for an afternoon under the palm tree, give or take the palm tree. A classic cocktail made with Bacardi Rum and natural flavours of mint and lime.

    BACARDÍ Mojito

    BACARDÍ Strawberry Daiquiri

    Fiesta time? Fiesta time. This tart twist on the classic daiquiri makes any occasion an impromptu party. A fruity take on the hand-shaken daiquiri made with Bacardi Rum and natural flavours of strawberry and lime.

    BACARDÍ Strawberry Daiquiri

    BACARDÍ Rum Punch

    Sweet, refreshing and instantly transportative - one second you’re at home pouring a drink, the next you’re seaside in Cuba, toasting to Papa Hemingway. A tasty rum punch made with Bacardi Rum and natural flavours of passion fruit, pineapple, orange and papaya.

    BACARDÍ Rum Punch

    Twistails Tips

    Always use the shaker with ice, we’d hate to spring a leak while you’re shaking your bar-perfect cocktail.

    Always attach the strainer (the black disk-like device with jagged edges) securely.

    Fix the pod on the strainer with the wings in the right place.

    After fixing the pod, make sure you twist the pod...there’s a reason we’re called Twistails!

    While you twist the pod, hold on to the strainer with your other hand – the only thing that’s supposed to twist is the pod (not the strainer).

    After you’re done shaking, there may be a few precious drops of your bar-perfect cocktail on the strainer. Don’t be alarmed, that's normal!

    After removing the pod by twisting it backwards & pulling it off, pour your drink into a fresh glass with ice.

    We recommend using Twistails in a safe environment that can be easily cleaned, such as the kitchen. After all, no one likes a messy bedroom!

    Keep Twistails in a safe place away from children - the pods contain alcohol.

    Our pods are easily recycled by separating the foil and popping them into your household recycle bin. That way your cocktail won’t just taste good, it will feel good too.