As a premium spirits brand, Bacardi has always been passionate about bringing people together to celebrate moments that matter. 

 That’s why we created a feel-good, fully recyclable product that brings the party spirit straight to your door. 

Twistails, powered by Bacardi, lets you be your own bartender - with no mess, no fuss and no fancy equipment.

Forget complex cocktail recipes, expensive equipment, ingredient shopping or even the big clean up. You’re holding a pod that can make a bar-perfect cocktail - in seconds.

Twistails was created to make fresh cocktails accessible to everyone, everywhere and at the best time for you. All you need is a Twistails pod, shaker, ice and water. And of course, your favourite garnish.

Twistails is perfect for bringing the party spirit to any occasion. Impress your dinner guests with full-bodied cocktails, fix a fresh cocktail for date night, or unwind after work with a simple twist and shake.



The anatomy of the Twistails pod contains the secret to how our cocktails stay fresh and fruity before they’re served.

Our recyclable pods have an innovative dual-chamber, which keeps the fruity mixer and aromatic rum separate until it’s time to shake. 

Our cocktail pods are full-strength (38.1% - 43.7% ABV) and cover a menu of Cuban flavours; choose from sweet Strawberry Daiquiri, tropical Rum Punch or cool Mojito. Each pod lets you create a cocktail that blends premium rum with natural juices - just like in your favourite bar.   

Then our pod simply fixes onto the Twistails shaker for bar-perfect cocktails, made in your own kitchen. Cheers! 



We recommend using Twistails in a safe environment that can be easily cleaned, like the kitchen. No one likes a messy bedroom! 


Always use the shaker with ice

Always attach the strainer (the black disk with jagged edges) securely.

Fix the pod on the strainer with the wings in the right place.

After fixing the pod, make sure you twist...

While you twist the pod, hold on to the strainer with your other hand – the only thing that’s supposed to twist is the pod (not the strainer!).

After removing the pod by twisting it backwards & pulling it off, pour your drink into a fresh glass with ice.

Keep Twistails in a safe place away from children - the pods contain alcohol.

Our pods are easily recycled by separating the foil and popping them into your household recycle bin. That way your cocktail won’t just taste good, it will feel good too. 



You’ll realise the only difference between your Twistails cocktail and a cocktail in a bar is that you made it yourself, in seconds!